Rediscover the art of rich text editing.

Rediscover the art of rich text editing.

A very rich text editing control, WebTextEditor, successully combines innovative features, elegant interface and great UX in a single box. Now fully support HTML5 and CSS3, WebTextEditor comes with new faces with new modern UI theme in its rich editing features such as built-in media gallery, table designer, spell checker in multiple sections and more.
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Spell Checker features in Multiple Sections

WebTextEditor enhances its deep integration between spell checker and text editor components. Now, it fully supports spell checker in multiple sections. Spell checker will check and verify the contents in all multiple sections in the text editor respectively.

Modern UI Theme

WebTextEditor supports the new Modern UI design consistently throughout the entire user interface elements – from the look and feel, colors, icons, panels to the status bar and toolbars. Get ready to explorer the Modern theme with enhanced Gallery task pane, context menu, dropdown button, and the rest of the input controls.

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One Text Editor for Every Need

Text editing is a critical component of all web applications, from individual blog sites and CMS managers, to high-level content authoring applications.


With its breakthrough UI and innovative features, WebTextEditor has the power and flexibility to get the job done. From basic text formatting and spell checking to mail-merging and file uploading, WebTextEditor is your one-stop editing solution for every web application. Learn more

Instant mail merge.

Simply Better

WebTextEditor is designed to be the ultimate in user friendly text editing. Fluid smart toolbars and floating toolbars provide instant access to important features, from simple formatting options to advanced mail merge commands.

Table designer.

A centralized task pane provides lightning fast access to media collections, form controls, and table configurations. Everything a user needs is within easy reach, yet never in the way.

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Spell Checker and AJAX File Uploader, Naturally integrated.

Integrated spell checker.

Only WebTextEditor provides Word 2007-like spell checking in web applications. The integrated spell checker provides two modes to choose from. Simply click a button to activate the spell checker, and use the elegant word suggestion dialog to navigate and correct typos, or let the enhanced context menu offer suggestions. Either way, WebTextEditor makes producing high quality content online every bit as easy as desktop editors. Learn more

Upload file using integrated file uploader.


Today's documents can consist of not only text, but images, audio, and even video. With its no-hassle upload capability, WebTextEditor enables you to quickly and easily add multimedia files to your document, and even lets you keep on typing as the upload runs in the background.

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