WebUI Framework

WebUI Framework

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State-of-the-art OnTheFlyPostBack™ AJAX technology

WebUI Framework is the industry’s first AJAX technology for ASP.NET that provides superior performance, highly reliable AJAX processor. FlyPostBack™ dramatically enhances user experience by updating only necessary visual changes and thus eliminates sluggish full page refresh. Learn more

Advanced ViewState capability

Optimized for large and performance demanding web applications, all Intersoft’s ASP.NET controls are equipped with the advanced view state storage capability. Enhanced with the OptimizedViewState technology, the view state of each control is reduced up-to 60% smaller. Learn more

New Infrastructure for Silverlight-based Component Products

With Intersoft WebUI Framework, it’s possible to consume all Intersoft’s Silverlight components, such as: WebAqua, in the way of server-side ASP.NET controls. This means that you can implement the cutting-edge Silverlight technology in very minimum effort without the need of advanced Silverlight knowledge. Learn more

Hassle-free deployment process

One of the biggest developer’s problems in software development life cycle is the complicated deployment process. Intersoft WebUI Framework cuts down all this process into a streamlined and easy-to-follow process for a time-saving deployment with SmartWebResources™ technology and stand-alone Deployment Manager. Learn more

Create professional theme in less time and efforts (Theme architecture with WebStyleManager)

Developers are dedicated for coding – not for styling. WebUI Framework offers robust theme architecture making it easy for you to apply the themes that designed with stand-alone WebStyleManager. Create once and apply it everywhere across your web application. Learn more

Deep integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010 IDE

Sports an interactive designer window for all WebUI Studio lineups, WebUI Framework lets you finish your development tasks faster. With the comprehensive designer window, layout manager, and client-side event designer, you can access all features right in your finger tips. Learn more

Advanced serialization technology

With the ability to serialize and deserialize objects in both XML and Binary format, Intersoft WebUI Framework serves as a rock-solid foundation for the derived high-end components, enabling every object to be remotely transferred from one medium to another such as in SOAP and Web Services as well as making it easy when complete persistence of object's state is required in either XML or Binary format. Learn more

Client side object framework

WebUI Framework includes powerful client object framework to provide high integrity and consistent programming interfaces – makes it easy for you to work with Intersoft controls in the client side. The framework creates client object with identical structure hierarchy with server object, enables you to program the client object in the same way and manner as in the server side. Learn more

Instant one-click hot fix install

WebUI Framework includes Update Manager, a rich and easy-to-use application for automating component updates. With Update Manager, you can install new available updates as easy as a single click – simply hit the Download and Install button and enjoy the new updates.

Stand-alone license manager

The new license manager is tailored to help you manage your licenses easier than ever. It enables easy upgrading from trial to retail version, allowing you to enter your newly purchased license without have to spend time with tedious uninstall-install process. As a result, you can continue working with your project without any interruption.

New Generic-based Collection, Interface and Object

WebUI Framework takes its base architecture to the next level by implementing the new Generic feature introduced in .NET Framework 2.0. This new Generic architecture enables simplified object model and consistent interface and ease-of-use across all Intersoft’s products. This new architecture is used in latest Intersoft’s products such as in WebScheduler and WebAqua for Silverlight.

Rich Object Model

With the rich object model, developers have granular control over each object and have the ability to manipulate objects easily, such as copying, cloning and so on. The consistency of the object model marks a new leap in component industry where developers have more confidence in long-term investment of Intersoft's components. Learn more


WebUI Framework has been enhanced to fully support ASP.NET AJAX – an AJAX technology developed by Microsoft. Through meticulous design, WebUI Framework enables you to use Intersoft components along with ASP.NET AJAX components – such as UpdatePanel and ScriptManager – without creating conflicts.